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We are both New Jersey natives who reside in Monmouth County with our two children, Alexandra and Zach. Several years ago we became interested in natural dog products to soothe the sensitive skin of our English BullDogs that we owned and bred. We also noticed that many products intended to clear up skin conditions had elements in them that further aggravated them instead. We diligently did our homework, experimented with many formulas and were able to come up with products that were both safe and effective for our beloved pets and marketed for others to purchase too. Throughout this venture we had people approach us with similar skin sensitivities and complaints, who were seeking a more natural approach for themselves as well. We once again began researching and experimenting to create products that would look, smell and feel fresh and pleasing without the harsh chemicals. Our products were sold at craft fairs and online. An opportunity presented itself in 2018 when Wood Box Soap became available to purchase. The company uses ingredients, such as goat’s milk, honey, and beeswax, to formulate homemade soaps, lotions, scrubs, and lip balms, which was precisely the creative endeavor we were looking for. As new proprietors, there was much work to be done, and it became a family business with all hands on deck. Shelley is in charge of all production, recipes, and ordering, Bob maintains the equipment, and our children, now in their teenage years, help wherever they are needed. Their favorite part is trying out the new soaps and scents, especially those that smell like the ocean and remind us of summer days spent on the beaches of New Jersey. We also enjoy watching as the ingredients come together, ready to be cut into bars for people to enjoy. We envision taking this already well-respected company to new heights while maintaining high standards and affordable prices. We are eager to share our creations with the public and to help make the natural approach the common approach.

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